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Where Sacred Intention and Design Meet

Welcome to Laurel Street, where sacred intention and design meet, and where we believe in the power of collaborative energy, intention and prayer.

Additionally, a portion of our proceeds is donated so that we can pay it forward and make a deeper impact on the world at large. ✨

Our products are reverent talismans and touchstones of TRUTH. They serve as reminders and transmissions of your own highest knowing and ability to tap into infinite potentials and possibilities as an awakened co-creator of your life.

Vibrational Infusion

What it means to Vibrationally Infuse the Candles

The purpose of our candles is to act as both a touchstone and reminder of powerful attributes you already have alive within you. Each candle has a unique Vibrational Intention on the back label. These were channeled during special meditations and prayers focused on bringing through the precise energies that would support each individual attribute. Every word and phrase is encoded in a specific way to help anchor the frequencies of the intention and support you in fully remembering it, embodying it and actualizing it in your life. 

Every aspect of the design from the custom Sacred Geometry art to the type of florals and label colors, were meticulously chosen to add to the particular energetic resonance of each individual candle as well.

We also have regular sessions holding the candles in sacred space to further infuse them with love and the intention that they serve the highest needs and expansion of our community.

As you use our candles for your personal meditation, prayer, yoga, ritual, ceremony, holistic provider sessions, home or work location ambiance or special event, all of the energies that have been poured into them each step of the way will be released and synergized with your own beautiful energy to amplify the effects for you and those around you.

The Non-toxic Difference

Why Our Candles are Better for You

When we set out to design our Vibrationally Infused Intentional Candles we knew we wanted to create something non-toxic that could be enjoyed by everyone. Children, pets, and people with allergies or health challenges are particularly sensitive to environmental toxins. Even healthy people can develop issues from them over time. Reducing the amount of exposure you have to environmental hazards can help preserve your health now and in the future.

Three key factors that can make candles damaging to your health:

Toxin #1: Lead core wicks
Some candles have lead-core wicks, which don't have to be burned to be harmful, as they release five times the amount of lead that is considered hazardous to children.  The pollutants from a lead-core wick can be released through the air and absorbed through the skin if the candle is touched.

Toxin #2: Paraffin wax
Typical candles are often made with paraffin wax, which when burned releases carcinogens (benzene and toluene) into the air. These toxic fumes can be as dangerous as second-hand smoke

Toxin #3: Fragrance- both synthetic and “natural”
The worst of these is fragrance. Many candles use synthetic fragrances that contain phthalates, which are released into the air when the candle is burned. This can cause a whole host of health issues over time including asthma, endocrine disruption, thyroid ailments, reproductive problems and even cancer.

Scented candles labeled as "made with essential oils", "all natural" or "phthalate free" can still contain some kind of chemical solvents, additives or other fragrance oils to enhance their scent profile or lengthen their shelf-life. Unfortunately, companies are not required to fully disclose use of these and well-meaning candle makers sometimes use these scents without realizing that they still contain ingredients that are harmful.

For these reasons, at Laurel Street we use an all natural clean-burning coconut wax blend with 100% organic cotton wicks that contain no synthetic or otherwise fragrances.