Vibrational Infusion

What it means to Vibrationally Infuse the Candles

The purpose of our candles is to act as both a touchstone and reminder of powerful attributes you already have alive within you. Each candle has a unique Vibrational Intention on the back label. These were channeled during special meditations and prayers focused on bringing through the precise energies that would support each individual attribute. Every word and phrase is encoded in a specific way to help anchor the frequencies of the intention and support you in fully remembering it, embodying it and actualizing it in your life. 

Every aspect of the design from the custom Sacred Geometry art to the type of florals and label colors, were meticulously chosen to add to the particular energetic resonance of each individual candle as well.

We also have regular sessions holding the candles in sacred space to further infuse them with love and the intention that they serve the highest needs and expansion of our community.

As you use our candles for your personal meditation, prayer, yoga, ritual, ceremony, holistic provider sessions, home or work location ambiance or special event, all of the energies that have been poured into them each step of the way will be released and synergized with your own beautiful energy to amplify the effects for you and those around you.