About Us

Laurel Street

Sharon and Christi are soul sisters. They met in 2015 at a spiritual event and instantly connected. Living in separate states, they stayed in touch long distance and their friendship grew closer over the years. In 2018, Sharon visited Christi in her home town for the first time and they discovered an incredible synchronicity- they both lived on Laurel Street in their respective cities and states! (Christi in New Orleans, Louisiana and Sharon in Sarasota, Florida) This wild coincidence was the foreshadowing of a dream coming into reality.

In 2019 they began discussing how much fun it would be to create a business together that could serve as a vessel for positivity in the world. When it came time to name their business, Laurel Street was the natural choice. It not only represents their unique connection, but the Laurel itself has a powerful history and symbology that reflects many of their shared values.


About Christi
Christi was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She became interested in astrology, spirituality, and metaphysics back in 2009 while studying law at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law.  

Back in 2014, Christi was re-initiated into the Women of the Rose sisterhood while embarking on a Four Corners journey that began in Sedona, Arizona. 

Today, Christi is a practicing attorney, astrologer, wife to her amazing husband and a new mom to her sweet baby boy and two pups.



About Sharon
Sharon was born and raised in New Jersey, then Florida. Having had intuitive gifts since childhood, after college she attended Healing Arts school and became a Master Bhakti Energy Practitioner. She later received her Coaching Certification with the Fearless Living Institute.

In 2012 she formally received Shaktipat and was re-initiated into the Women of the Rose sisterhood on Mary Magdalene's Feast Day in 2014.

Today, Sharon has a Bio-Energetic Coaching practice and she designs for Laurel Street. She lives in Florida with her love and two cat familiars.

Women of the Rose

Sharon and Christi are a part of a Collective known as Women of the Rose. This sisterhood is a lineage of light that has devoted lifetimes to embodying the Divine Feminine (Magdalena) consciousness and carrying it forward in its varied expressions through all nations and generations. This sacred energy works in balance with the Divine Masculine (Christed) consciousness to bring integration and unity to humanity. These two aspects reside in all beings, regardless of gender, and are inclusive of every religion, culture, background and lifestyle. Both Christi and Sharon continue to weave the thread of this energy throughout their personal and professional lives. In 2019, they took a trip to the south of France to walk in the footsteps of this lineage.

Sharon and Christi’s friendship is based on a shared love of adventure, creativity, spirituality, light-heartedness, healthy lifestyle, empowerment, ritual, nature and fun – everything that Laurel Street also stands for.